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The mission of the Celebrity Media Foundation is to support the United Nations in maintaining world peace, conducting international affairs, and sponsoring international public welfare undertakings in accordance with the UN Charter. The Celebrity Media Foundation operates with the voluntary support of enthusiastic volunteers and philanthropists. Our consensus is that it is necessary to promote and support celebrities, charitable organizations, and individuals who are committed to improving the global social condition to participate in international public welfare activities.

Within its capabilities, the Celebrity Media Foundation provides financial support for the United Nations' international affairs and public welfare undertakings, including charitable donations, and supports advocacy, education, and celebrities and philanthropists in improving global climate change, children's education, environmental protection, and other important areas.

The Celebrity Media Foundation is committed to the good progress of global public welfare undertakings and promotes internationally influential charitable organizations and celebrities to provide high-standard charitable support for international affairs and charitable public welfare activities; it cooperates with non-profit organizations and philanthropists around the world to promote the development of international public welfare undertakings.


The network platform affiliated with the Celebrity Media Foundation, abbreviated as Celebrity Media, establishes a Celebrity Media Alliance with the media in the six official languages of the United Nations at the UN News Centre, engaging in the collection, editing, and publishing of news from various countries around the world with a focus on UN news.

As a tax-exempt non-profit media organization operating network television, the Celebrity Media Foundation looks forward to the sponsorship and support of knowledgeable individuals, charitable organizations, and individuals.


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To adapt to the development needs of the AI intelligent era, Celebrity Media uses AI robots to provide services in the six official languages of the United Nations, offering paid services such as news release, video playback, and online interviews for UN-related agencies, non-governmental organizations, and users in need, to support the arduous work of photographers, video editors, graphic editors, and volunteers dispatched by the Celebrity Media Foundation.


Contact the Celebrity Media Foundation Network AI Technology Department:

Mr. Vincent This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 646-319-6718

Mr. Enze Bai This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 917-443-582